Who doesn’t like the idea of taking a break and getting away from their busy work schedule? When we talk about escapes, hitting the outdoors and enjoying nature is the perfect thing you can do.

When traveling, there are many outdoor activities that you can try. There are amazing activities to rejuvenate your soul and body, from fishing to star-gazing to hiking and mountain biking. Try a few of these activities, and you will discover a new outdoor hobby that will help you enjoy nature on your next get-away.


12 Activities To Get You Outdoors While Traveling

When we talk about outdoor adventure, the first activity that pops into our mind is hiking. It is full of adventure, excitement, fun, and an excellent way to rediscover the serenity of the mind. No matter whether you choose to climb to a local waterfall or a summit, hiking can be one of your life’s most enjoyable experiences. Trails exist all over the globe, and hitting the road will get you the seclusion you need. Thus, be prepared to feel the birds’ chirping sounds of crushing leaves while breathing the natural air.

Half Dome (Yosemite National Park, California)

The iconic Granite Dome stands 5,000 meters above Yosemite Valley. Even for seasoned hikers, the 14- to 16-mile journey to its top can be the heart rush.

The last 400 feet of Half Dome are known for their metal wiring system, allowing walkers to climb the top.

Stand guard for the sudden storms and snow as mother nature doesn’t always allow every hiker to reach the summit.

A hike to the top of Half Dome will take around 10-12 hours. Permits are required throughout the year and can be requested via the National Park Service.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Biking is the way to explore any city or terrain, be it in Italy or Japan. Each spot offers a ton of things to explore on the road, from old buildings and architecture to new landscapes and fields. Mountain Biking is also an excellent adventure for a more serene experience. So, rent a bike and be on your way to have fun.

Palmer Park offers 23 miles of rocky and rugged trails over 700 acres with plenty of choices for shorter runs for beginner and advanced bikers. Beginners and intermediates can find accessible routes at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space, with excellent views, jagged rock formations, and few crowds.


12 Activities To Get You Outdoors While Traveling

If you’re looking for an excuse to stand in a river enjoying the sounds, scents, and landscape of some of the most beautiful locations, try fly-fishing. Fishing is an excellent activity to enjoy with grandparents, children, or whoever. Keep practicing, and who knows, one day, you may even catch a coveted cutthroat trout.


Without any doubt, Alaska is the ultimate fly fishing destination up there in the north. Super vistas, a larger number of rivers and lakes than anywhere else in the world, and fish are almost everywhere. Add Alaska to your fly fishing list, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Whitewater Rafting

This water sports activity connects you to the red side of nature while enjoying a team’s comforts. Paddling, rafting, floating on a raft, sailing across a river, and exploring the rivers, enable you to enjoy nature from a very different perspective. Not to mention, rafting will also strengthen your teamwork skills.

Colorado River

The 225 miles of the Colorado River are known for their whitewater rafting. There are 42 big rapids, and many of them are not for weak-willed. The rafting experience brings tourists to famous places such as Lava Falls, Redwall Cavern, and some of the canyons’ largest whitewater rapids.

Rock Climbing

12 Activities To Get You Outdoors While Traveling

Take a stab at rock climbing rock for a more physical and demanding outdoor experience. Many famous travel destinations offer great climbing within road-trip distance.

Arizona: Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock Park is located about 25 miles south of Flagstaff and seven miles north of the town of Sedona. The park sits within the borders of the Secret Mountain Wilderness Area and Coconino National Forest. Both parks provide a variety of rock climbing and hiking experiences. The rock chute is covered with enough algae to make it slick. So you can enjoy your ride down to Oak Creek’s swimming hole.

Horseback Riding

12 Activities To Get You Outdoors While Traveling

Horseback riding is a perfect way to discover locations in a more limited time. This is done on territories that are troublesome or difficult to navigate by foot. Regardless of whether you have experience with horses or not, you should try this activity. This is something you’ll genuinely remember in the end.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is also known as the Land of Beautiful Horses. Riders can saddle themselves on Arab or Barb horses, both native to the area, and walk down trails that wind through ancient Turkish villages through underground towns and churches of Byzantine times, valleys, and the region’s famous fairy-chimney rock formations.

Skiing and Snowboarding

For many people, winter travel implies moving to a hotter climate, but you can still mix things by exploring some mountains and that many of us fear. Packaging up close to a fireplace is brilliant, yet it’s best following a day spent carving powder in a winter wonderland. If you’re feeling less flexible and coordinated, snow-shoeing is another excellent way to get out in the snow this winter.

Bretton Woods (New Hampshire)

Located in New Hampshire’s White Mountains’ highlands, Bretton Woods is the state’s largest ski area, with four field parks, 101 trails, and meadows. The Mountain’s canopy tour consists of several treetop zip lines, and suspension bridges are an unusual addition to the outdoor fun.

Bretton Woods is an excellent choice for an extended family Winter Fun weekend with snowmobiling, tubing, ski school, and snowy adventures on snowcats or snowmobiles.


Would you like to rise into the blue sky and experience the freedom of a bird? If so, choose paragliding. Paragliding will allow you to soar into the sky and admire the beguiling magnificence from above. Indeed, you can paraglide over a mountain, valley, or seashore as per the choice of your destination.

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Not only is Valle de Bravo the top paragliding location in Mexico, but it is known internationally for its consistently safe wind pressure conditions. The Torre and El Peñón are two main flying places. The first one is a ridge spot 30 minutes from the city by car, and the second is more suitable for experienced pilots who want to fly long distances.


Just picture yourself lying under the stars with your loved one amid the musical background of nature. That’s something you can experience while camping, and don’t forget to plan a campfire to enjoy your favorite grilled food.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion is perhaps the most fabulous park in the Southwest with its rugged plateaus, forested canyons, and red sandstone cliffs. Watchmen and the South are the existing campgrounds, but you can receive a license for an overnight stay in wild camping areas inside the park if you’re hoping to avoid crowds.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

12 Activities To Get You Outdoors While Traveling

If you wish for a more peaceful connection with water, stand-up paddleboarding is an excellent way to practice and discover lakes and streams. It’s an incredible full-body core workout and a way to explore the magnificence of the outside. Over the years, paddleboarding has become one of the best things to do while traveling as it offers you the opportunity to explore the beautiful waters around our world.

Banff, Alberta

Alberta is home to some of the best national parks in the world. Banff is a dream destination for paddleboarders and houses dozens of stunning lakes, from light blue to deep turquoise. Head to Moraine Lake or Peyto Lake Lake Louise if you wish to paddle on the shiniest teal lakes. Try to watch the shores for wildlife such as bald eagles, mountain bears, and crowds of elk.


Going downhill on a sandboard is perhaps the most entertaining way to move across dunes. It is one of the best heart-pumping outdoor experiences you will find on earth. Sandboarding is a mix between surfing, skating, and snowboarding. The sandboard runs down or over the dune’s face rather than sliding on water, asphalt, or snow.

Huacachina, Peru

A bus from Lima to the small town of Huacachina takes about four or five hours, but for sand-lovers, this trip is undoubtedly worthwhile. This area is known for its great sandboarding and buggy dunes and is also a popular place for backpackers. The nightlife is entertaining, and there are several swimming pools where you can sit back and relax after the whole day of sandboarding.


12 Activities To Get You Outdoors While Traveling

Well, if you’re not claustrophobic and love creeping through narrow rock crevices, crawling through pitch dark caves, swimming in ominously lit underground pools, then caving might be your idea for an adventure.

Caving is not only a challenge but also an opportunity to explore some otherworldly scenery. Be fearless and grab a crash hat and a headlamp and head underground.

The Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

The Blue Grotto is the symbol of Capri. It is a marine cave found on the island’s coast and is a popular location for those who visit the city. This cavern is one of a kind for its splendid blue gleam, which originates from two sources, the entrance of the cave and a giant hole underneath the entrance. When viewed from inside of the cave, the entrance looks like a bright white light over the waterline. Simultaneously, a blue shine is provided by the underwater light source.

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