Camping is a great way to spend time with your family. You get to go out into the wild and connect with nature, where the peace and quiet offer an opportunity to unplug and let go.

But at the same time, you are going into unchartered territory. Instead of the comfort of your bed, you get mud and dirt; songs and TV shows are replaced by the constant buzzing of mosquitoes and flies. If you aren’t careful, camping can be a nightmare.

To help you avoid this and make the experience way easier, we’re going to give you fourteen camping life hacks, such as cool campfire tricks and the best way to make a DIY backpacking pillow.

1. Keep lint

You can read up on fire hacks all day, but you won’t find anything better than dryer lint in a toilet paper roll. That’s right. The best way to keep a fire going is by recycling your waste.

Instead of throwing the fuzzy stuff in your dryer, pack it up in an airtight container. Put it inside cardboard rolls and place it in your fire. You can also replace the roll with egg cartons.

2. Boil your water

Boiling water is an essential part of camping; you will always need it. While you can take clean water with you, carrying several gallons of liquid across a campground isn’t feasible. So the best way is to purify it in your camp.

14 Camping Hacks That Make Camping Way Easier

You’ll need a fire, a metal bottle or pot, and water. Fill the container and place it on the heat source. Once it’s boiled, pick it up using the spring stick method. This is by far one of the best camping hacks.

Find a Y-shaped branch around your campsite or take one with you before leaving. It shouldn’t be very long; around one inch below the Y is fine. Cut off all but three inches of the thinner side of the Y. You’ve just made a DIY bottle holder.

How do you use it? Put the Y in the bottle. As it goes in, the Y will bend, and as soon as it’s through the opening, it will spring open. The Y will catch the bottle’s shoulder and give you a handle to grab. Use it to lift up your container.

3. Pack eggs in a bottle

Taking eggs with you on a camping trip will always be incredibly risky. If (when) they crack, you’ll lose your food and have to clean up a huge mess. Therefore, ‘how to pack eggs for camping?’ is a big concern among campers.

Luckily, we have a way around this. Assuming you aren’t going on a camping trip for more than two days, you can crack the eggs beforehand and store them in a bottle.

There are several ways to do this.

If everyone likes their eggs scrambled, whip them, add seasoning, and pour them into a bottle. For a group with fried egg enthusiasts, choose a container with a wide opening and carefully slide them in.

Remember to take a cooler with you so that your food doesn’t spoil.

4. Make your own pillow

A DIY backpacking pillow will be your best friend on a trip into the woods. It gives you a comfortable headrest and makes the experience of sleeping outdoors way easier. All you need to make it is a 2.5 gallons size ziplock bag and some clothes for stuffing.

Put any soft piece of clothing like a fleece jacket in the bag and zip it up. Leave a little corner open and blow air into it. The firmness of the pillow depends on how much air you fill in it. Once you’re happy with it, seal the bag shut. Wrap it with a large pillowcase, and your pillow is ready.

5. Don’t forget toilet paper

Unless you’re going to an uber-modern campground, you probably won’t get toilet paper there. Take your own and take precautions to make sure it’s dry. Coffee cans are usually the best size to store a roll. And if you’re feeling extra, cut a hole in the lid, so it’s easy to use!

6. Pack filling food

We’ve all seen the typical s’mores on the campfire movies. It looks fun, and you might want to replicate it. That’s fine, but don’t forget that marshmallows aren’t very filling. You’ll probably want to keep food with a bit more substance. A great option is pre-made crescent rolls.

14 Camping Hacks That Make Camping Way Easier

They’re delicious, can be baked over a campfire, and are filling. You can serve them with butter for extra deliciousness.

7. One-pot meals

Always remember to cut down your luggage as much as possible when camping. Dragging various pots and pans across the ground takes a lot of effort, isn’t fun, and will make your experience unnecessarily tedious.

Pack meals that only need one pot to cook. And try to make that one pan something made of ceramic. They’re excellent heat distributors and clean easily.

8. Bring a mattress

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you need to sleep on the ground. It’ll probably be hard, uneven, and extremely uncomfortable. If your site has rocks and sticks, you won’t be able to get any sleep. And if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be grumpy and tired. Neither is a precursor for a fun camping trip.

An inflatable mattress can make the experience easier and more memorable. They don’t weigh a lot and can be carried around easily and fold up very easily.

14 Camping Hacks That Make Camping Way Easier

Don’t like sleeping on the ground at all? Get a hammock and tie it between two trees.

9. Make lanterns

You don’t have street lights on a campsite, so it’s essential that you figure out a way to set up the lighting yourself. The easiest way to do so is using any translucent container of water and a headlamp.

Whenever it gets dark, take the lamp to the jug or bottle, and the light will be reflected in all directions. Since it spreads, your visibility will increase. Additionally, it is cool to look at.

10. Glue sandpaper to your match holder

Purchase fine-grained sandpaper. Ideally, they should have glue on one side. But it’s okay if they don’t. You can buy glue and add a layer yourself. Then place it on the inside of a waterproof match holder.

Your matches won’t get dry, the case won’t get soggy, and the strike pad will always be ready for action.

11. Stay dry with a garbage bag

Line your bags with garbage bags and keep all their contents dry. When you go camping, you’ll be taking on a series of harsh weather conditions, such as rain. Typically, this wouldn’t be an issue because you’d retreat to the comfort of your home. But there’s nowhere to go on a campsite. You have to stay strong through it.

Your only worry in the rain should be protecting your belongings and keeping them dry. What better way to do that than using a waterproof garbage bag?

12. Use jugs of water to keep cool

Taking ice on a camping trip is difficult but essential. How else will you keep your water cool and eggs fresh? Avoid the mess that comes with ice melting by using jugs of water instead. Put them in your cooler, and they’ll freeze and provide a cooling effect.

When it melts, you won’t have a mess because the ice will just turn into drinkable water in a container.

13. Burn sage

Mosquitoes can be very annoying. Not only do they buzz in your ear, but they bite and leave incredibly itchy marks all over your body. Burn some sage, and they’ll stay away. Unlike other repellents, this doesn’t have chemicals and isn’t hazardous for you.

These insects come out in the day as well as the night. But there are almost always more of them closer to dawn and dusk than in the middle of the day. Have some sage ready at those times.

14. Store in a straw

Take plastic straws, cut them into small pieces, and melt one end with a match or candle. Then fill it up with a spice of your choice from the other side; once you’re done, seal it from that end too. Attach a label, and you’re done. Repeat the process for all the spices you want to take with you.

You now have a waterproof collection of spices that won’t take a lot of space in your bags.


Camping is an excellent chance to get away from the hustle-bustle of everyday lives and reflect on life. You get to escape the burdens and responsibilities with your family and bond. Such an opportunity should be made the most out of.

Try out as many of our camping hacks as you can. Each will contribute to the experience in a different way; a fire will keep you warm, whereas spices let you have delicious meals. Both make camping easier and more fun.

All fourteen hacks are cost-effective and go a long way in ensuring you have a memorable camping experience. Happy camping to you and your family!

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