Camping has become a popular activity these days and with the advances in technology, lightweight and durable tent designs are made available for modern campers wanting portable shelters. Choosing the right size and style for a tent can help avoid any unlikable camping events or situations for everyone involved.

A 3 person camping tent is just great for providing adequate space and privacy during a camping trip. It is also an ideal option for small families, for a couples, and small group of friends who want to get away during the weekend or holidays. But with many selections to choose from, it is wise to be familiar with the features that make the best 3 person camping tent to avoid wasting time and money. Once you have educated yourself on what makes a 3 person tent good, then you can easily narrow down your choice and pick the one that is most suitable to your needs.

Below are some of the things to look for when choosing the best 3 person camping tent:


As with all things, price is an important factor that influences the buying decision. But one has to consider that a tent that provides the best features can be rather expensive. The price also depends on the floor area and height of the tent. The trick however is in looking for a 3 person tent that provides the protection you need, with adequate interior space, easy to setup, lightweight, and reasonably priced.


Despite being small and lightweight, a 3 person camping tent should also provide equal protection that bigger tents offer. 3 person tents feature a sewn-in groundsheet for proper ventilation inside the tent. A durable screen mesh featured the windows to keep insects and bugs out of the tent while still allowing the air to flow freely.

Nobody knows when the weather will change and it’s best to get a tent that is waterproof or at least water-resistant, to deal with the rain and wind. One can choose from the different 3 man season tents: 1 season tents (for outdoor use during the summer months), 2-season tents ( can withstand moderate rain and wind), 3 season tents ( made from much stronger and durable materials and ideal for late spring, summer, and early fall camping trips), and 4 season tents (can be used all year long and designed to deal with harsh weather conditions).


3 person camping tents are rather small for them to be lightweight and the average height and floor area differs according to the type of models or brands. It is wise to choose a model that with the ideal size that will meet your requirements.

Set up

The 3 man tent can be setup quickly and easily and should be pitched in just a couple of minutes, usually between 10 to 15 minutes. For this reason, these tents have become the favorite during holidays, long weekends, or spur-of-the-moment camping trips with families and friends. Ideally, two persons can set up the tent without any problems and gets the job done faster.


3 man tents are designed to accommodate 3 persons inside without squeezing in. The interior room must have adequate space for maximum occupancy and for putting other items or gear. A 3 person tent with an additional screened porch can also double as extra area for sleeping too.


3 person tents generally weigh around 30 pounds so they are easy to transport or carry around from place to place without the need of special accommodations. They are lightweight and easy to manage. However, weight will also depend whether the tent is intended for 1, 2, 3, or 4 seasons.


When looking for a 3 person camping tent, quality should always be the priority. One can carefully go over the reviews and testimonials of previous owners of the selected model who have bought the camping tent you plan to buy before going ahead and making the purchase. Weigh the pros and cons before finally deciding the tent of your choice. This will greatly help you save time and money and at the same time give you the tent you desire.

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