Showers in the wild

It isn’t always easy to stay clean during camping – especially if you go off the beaten track. Some folks aren’t concerned about a bit of dust and dirt, but a camping shower will help you stay clean and relaxed when away from home if you want to wash off the day before entering your sleeping tent.

Many of us enjoy the solace and the beauty of an extended camping trip. Even the most robust hikers and hunters start to ache for a warm shower following a couple of days.

Fortunately, you can make an outdoor shower that can help remove the edge off even the longest of outdoor camping.

There is more than one way to add a shower in your bath, so let’s take a look at the best portable camping showers and the tips to get them rigged up and ready to go.

Why you need a camping shower

Naturally, it lets you stay clean while camping. A portable shower is far simpler to scour off dirt and grime than other outdoor bathing alternatives (such as a baby-wiped rubdown).

Most compact outdoor showers are something other than just a water tank with a nozzle. Sometimes they have a heating system, typically a solar heating element, but sometimes a portable heater. Even a pop-up tent shelter will match yours.

How to set up the perfect camping shower

The waterless wash

The waterless wash is a good choice when you don’t want to get wet and cold during cold nights. All you need is some sanitizing gel and baby wipes. Use the wipes to clean the body, and be sure to clean all the stinky bits and sanitizers on your hands.

Showering with a cup

This method comes in handy if you have little water supply. It’s also a practical and easy way to wash. It can also be used on long treks when the water supply begins to get low.

You can carry water with you in a small cup of around 250-500 ml, and you can top off your cup when you come across a tap or a river on your way. All you need aside from the cup is a light towel and a bar of soap to dry your skin and tidy yourself up.

This is a cheap and easy way to shower and can be used by anyone planning a long trip.

DIY washbasin

It is easy to make your washbasin. It is an excellent option if you want a cheap camping shower option with minimal water consumption. Again, you can also use this approach when camping or if you’re going to take long walks. Like shower cups, you can refill your washbasin wherever you find water. The basin is created by rolling down a dry sack that carries more water than the cup. In this way, water is more available, and you can wash your body and hair.

When required, you can likewise wash garments in the basin by adding a little detergent to scrub the clothes.

Solar shower

How To Set Up The Perfect Camping Shower

A solar shower is a simple but expensive set-up. Solar showers are black bags with a hose connected to them. The dark absorbs heat from the sun when the shower is hung loose to a tree. It tends to be left free for around three hours or longer. During this time, it fills with water, and you can shower with warm water.

Remember that solar showers are heavy for shower tents to support, so you need to hang them loose from a tree. The other downside is that you must usually hold the nozzle in hand; they don’t always aim at the best angles.


One of the best features of an aqua cube is heating water up to 50 degrees celsius. However, it doesn’t offer a reasonable flow rate. The condition for an aqua tube is that the water supply should be close to the shower. Aquacube is very compact and therefore you can easily carry it around the campground. A 12V power source is required for this gear.

12v electric showers

12v electric showers are a reasonable choice as they are inexpensive and easy to use. Not just this, but these showers come with a flexible hose that makes them easy to customize, suiting your requirements. This is something you must try if you are looking for concentrated water. The hose allows easy adjustments so you can bring it close to your head and feel the water pressure. You can even modify the water temperature by filling the bucket with cold or warm and afterward connecting a 12V pump to it.

In response to heavy solar showers, the lightweight 12V electric showers can be conveniently used in a shower tent or balanced on a pole or a roof rack.

The drawback of electric showers is since they’re cheap, their quality isn’t that great, and they require support every once in a while. Time-to-time maintenance is vital to extend the working life of these showers.

Ivation Portable Camping Shower

Ivation Portable Camping Shower is one of the best camping showers available in the market. This camping shower is incredibly lightweight, so you can carry it around with you without feeling the weight load. This pump runs on a battery and guarantees a high water flow.

Furthermore, you don’t have to balance this shower to a tree or a pole like many other portable showers as it can be handheld, allowing free movement.

The battery will charge the shower within around 3-4 hours, which can be time-consuming so that you can plan ahead. This shower also comes with a long and flexible hose giving you a choice to hold it in hand or attach it to a tree or a pole.

Rinsekit Pod

How To Set Up The Perfect Camping Shower

Rinsekit Pod may be costly, but the advantages it brings are numerous. Rinsekit Pod attaches to a hose tap which fills the tank with water and maintains the pressure. It offers you 4 minutes of shower time. A sideway port may also be connected to an air pump if there is no water nearby. It also comes with an oversized 3-gallon lux shower in case you require more water.

The tank is easy to refill from any nearby sink or spigot. Plug into a 12v vehicle port for charging

Car fitted showers

These are showers that use your vehicle to warm the water. Connecting a heat exchanger to your car with the pump and hoses gets you heated water which can be recycled later when needed.

It doesn’t require any external power source as it runs on your vehicle engine.

Black Smart Hot Water System by Smartek

MarttekSystems have proved their worth over the years. They come in handy when you are staying at a camp for a while in a place and have to maintain a base-camp-style set-up. This system is user-friendly and easy to set up with the many setting choices available.

If you don’t have a tight budget, Black Smart Hot Water System is something you can opt for.

Like Aquacube, it can heat water up to 50 degrees Celsius and also has the feature of drawing water from a distance of more than 10 meters from the unit. This device also provides many extra amenities, including a shower tent to improve your experience.

If you are planning a trip to Alaska, buy this to solve your hot water supply problem with ease.

Shower tent

How To Set Up The Perfect Camping Shower

A shower tent is perhaps one of the most lavish outdoor showers. The shower tents are an appropriate option if you intend to set up a campsite in a secluded area with your family and want your privacy. It probably won’t fit to have a shower tent with others around you as many shower tents are typically translucent.

Many of the shower tents feature a simple pop-up design to open and fold later on easily. What separates them from other outdoor showers is that shower tents are also spacious, allowing many people to use them simultaneously.

With its zipped doors, you can easily access the shower tent, and the ventilation process is also simple, leaving no space for suffocation. Shower tents are better suited for use outdoors and can also last longer. They come with a carriage sack, so you don’t have to think about carrying them in your bag.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

How To Set Up The Perfect Camping Shower

The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower does not look like much compared to other camping showers in the market. Due to its incredibly compact and lightweight build, this pocket shower is ideal for backpack and other camping trips where space is of prime importance.

Despite the tub’s size, the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is entirely open for up to eight minutes of showering. The twist mechanism simplifies opening and closing the water valve and adjusting the water flow rate and pressure during the shower.

Even if it is not a solar shower, this model has a black storage bag that heats up and gets warm if left in the sunlight.

Best Camping Shower Accessories

You can choose to have a portable shower, wipe off in a lake, or use a water bottle to clean yourself. There are many accessories for the camping shower that can enhance the experience of showering outdoors. We’ve mentioned some of the best for you.

Biodegradable Soap

Biodegradable soap is an eco-friendly alternative to showering while at camp. Search for a brand without surfactants, triclosan, phosphate, and anti-bacterial ingredients. It’s best to abstain from using in or close to lakes and streams.

Microfiber Towel

For hiking showers, a microfiber towel is an absolute necessity as they are lightweight and dries out quickly.

Privacy Tent

A privacy camp allows you to shower in privacy without wearing bathing suits or walking through the woods.

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