Why Instant Tents Over All The Rest?

Camping has been a tradition for so many years for so many families. Enjoying the fresh air, the trees, the grass, the stars above your head. Why ruin a good time trying to figure out a puzzle of strings, poles, clips, stakes, and tent tarp?

In the past few years, Instant tents have continued to shorten the amount of time it takes to set up a tent. With poles now built into the tent, and spring-loaded capacity, one of the most frustrating tasks can now be done by one person. Sometimes, the set up is only 60 seconds.

While the first generation of instant tents had some glitches and tended to wear out easily, many manufacturers have increased durability and strength. The market for quick set up camping tents has grown and so have the fast set up tents themselves.

With so many easy to set up tents hitting the market, the choices can be overwhelming. This article is here to help spell out some of the differences and help you better understand what you are looking for in your easy to set up camping tent.

  • Hewolf Camping Tents 2-4 Person Instant Tent
  • Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Instant Tent
  • Timber Ridge 6 Person Instant Tent
  • Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Tent

Let the Hike Be Hard, Not Setting Up Your Tent

There is something invigorating and yet challenging about being in the great outdoors. Whether it is the strenuous hike, cooking your food a different way, or simply being in a new location, sometimes camping can be hard. Let the adventure be difficult, not setting up your tent.

There are too many easy to set up tents and now that there is no excuse. In this article, we tried to assemble the best instant tents for camping and reviewed each one to help save you some time. It is our hope that you can take this list, find what you need and start enjoying your camping activities with a high quality shelter to sleep in.

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