What Is A Dome Tent?

When camping, you want to follow Scout’s mantra to “always be prepared.” You never know what the weather or winds will bring, and that is why a dome tent can be a great option for camping. These tents are designed to be all-weather tents and bring comfort and protection to you when you are camping.

Due to it’s aerodynamic, arch supported top, the dome tent is structurally strong against heavy winds and allows rain or snow to slide easily off the top. That is why serious backpackers and mountaineers have the dome tent as the tent of choice. Lightweight and easy to carry, they are very portable- even when set up. Because they are lightweight with strong frames, they can easily be moved if need be, and even turned over to dump sand or dirt out of them.

The dome tent has become the classic, sturdy camping tent of recent years as no stakes or guy lines are needed to set them up. Oftentimes, how to set up a dome tent is as easy as guiding the tent poles through the pole sleeves and anchoring them in the corner grommets. Most of the time they can be done by one person.

When looking online though, there are MANY options out there. There are dome tents with a porch, 3 room dome tents, even half dome tents. The best dome tents are oftentimes based upon your individual need or the needs of your family.

We have gathered together a few different models that highlight some of the similarities and differences when it comes to dome tents. We hope it is helpful to you as a guide and can bring some clarity to your search for the perfect dome tent.

  • CORE 6 Person Dome Tent
  • Toogh 3-4 Person Backpacking Camping Tent
  • Coleman Evanston Camping Tent With Screen Room
  • MoKo Waterproof Camping Tent

Choosing The Best Dome Tent

In today’s world, it can seem like there are as many options as there are people. Should you get a popup dome tent? What about a half dome tent for the beach? What about a dome tent with a porch?

There are many options and we hope that the above helped to clarify some of the different types of models that are out there. The CORE tent was a great 6 person dome with a vestibule and a classic option that should be near the top of any dome tent review list. For a more interesting look, and increased durability that can be set up anywhere, the Toogh is a great option with its hexagonal floor but spacious ceilings. Meant to be a backpackers tent, it is portable, durable, and fairly weatherproof.

For a bit more space and functionality, including a dome tent with a screened porch, the Coleman Evanston can hold up to 8 people and has a floorless screen room for better ventilation, storage, or outdoor living. If you want a smaller tent that can withstand more, then the Moko is top of our list and definitely worth looking at.

We hope that with our list above, along with the links are able to lead you to more research and can help you quickly find the dome tent that you are looking for.

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